Preserving abundance: The challenge of saving everything


14-15 June 2017

University of Sussex, Brighton

The Sussex Humanities Lab (SHL) and the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) are pleased to announce that the second 'Digital Preservation for Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities' conference (DPASSH 2017) will be held at the University of Sussex, Brighton, 14-15 June 2017.

DPASSH is a response to the problem of digital preservation within the arts and social sciences domains. It seeks to address the complexities of long-term digital preservation of the full variety of research materials; and to encourage a long term dialogue around the issues created by such preservation.

Call for Papers

Preserving Abundance: The Challenge of Saving Everything

The collaboration between SHL and DRI focuses on two major challenges for long-term digital preservation: maintaining access to the form and functionality of digital objects, and managing, filtering, interpreting, and critically engaging with these petabytes of information, now and in the future. While developments in long-term digital preservation enable ongoing access, the question of how these developments impact the way we interact with, use, reuse, investigate, and interpret our heritage, remains. What, for example, are the cultural and scholarly repercussions of saving "everything"? DPASSH 2017 will, for instance, explore the implications of asking disciplines that evolved in a world of scarcity, to engage with an expanding abundance of historical records.

As such, DPASSH 2017 will focus on both the technical, cultural, and societal challenges of digital preservation and the impact on research when (and if) everything is saved. It asks: now that the human record is digital, what methods, approaches, tools, or skills will researchers, and society, require to understand these colossal datasets?

Submissions are particularly sought from researchers, practitioners, and scholars in the fields of digital history, digital humanities, digital materiality, digital performance, digital arts and music, cultural heritage and research institutions, as well as libraries, archives and industry. We also invite submissions for papers that critically reflect on any area relating to digital preservation in the humanities and social sciences, arts, and cultural heritage domains.

Conference themes include but are not limited to: Preserving digital humanities research; Capturing and archiving artistic performance; Methods and tools for computational humanities and/or digital history; Preservation metadata as research objects; Linking research data and 'publication'; Stakeholder engagement and community approaches to preservation; Advocacy and national approaches to sustainability and open access; Aesthetics of preservation and content curation; Preservation and Trust; Technical challenges posed by datasets in arts/humanities/social sciences;Preservation and discovery infrastructures, software and tools.

Authors must follow submission instructions and guidelines

Abstract Length: 1200-1500 words

The deadline for submission is midnight Sunday 11 December 2016 (GMT). Please note this deadline will not be extended.

All abstracts must submitted through our online submission system.


DPASSH 2017 is the second 'Digital Preservation for the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities' conference and is a collaboration between the Sussex Humanities Lab and the Digital Repository of Ireland, and co-sponsored by The Digital Arts and Humanities PhD Program.

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Organising Committee:

Sharon Webb - Sussex Humanities Lab, University of Sussex (Chair)
Dermot Frost - Digital Repository of Ireland, Trinity College Dublin
Natalie Harrower -Digital Repository of Ireland, Royal Irish Academy
Jane Harvell - Library, University of Sussex
Clare Lanigan - The Digital Arts and Humanities PhD Program, Royal Irish Academy
Paddi Leinster -Digital Repository of Ireland, Royal Irish Academy


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